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  1. Hi! I watched your video on Hold on to Hope fun fold card, really like your card and video was great and very informative, You mentioned the dimensions were on, how do I find them? Didn’t see them – thank you, Kathleen

  2. Oh Cindy I have confession to make to you!
    On one of my Facebook memories from probably three years ago it showed the Holy Family Moasic stamp that SU had.
    You numbered all of the spaces with the Blends at that time. I followed your numbering to a tee and it turned out beautifully, I NEVER GAVE YOU CREDIT FOR THAT AND I NEVER SAID THAT I CASED IT FROM YOU!!!!!
    I am so sorry and I apologize even though I should have three years ago! My Bad! PamCam

  3. Hi! My name is Gloria. I want to join a group of demonstrators in the Orlando area. I’m already a SU! demo. My upline is Erica Cerwin. I just want to be physically involved with a group! I would appreciate it if you would consider my request! Thank you! I understand if you’d rather NOT! I wouldn’t want to take away from your own demos, so therefore would NOT be in the running for any prizes from you personally!

  4. Hello, CindyLeeBee
    I am Chiemi in Japan. The Easter rabbit cards you designed are very cute. I want to case them. Is that okay?

      1. Thank you. I am very glad for your reply. I make these cards Easter message cards. They are not rabbits but bunny.

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