Stampin’ with my nephews…

I had some wonderful visitors to my stamping center yesterday. My nephews Cullen and Carson wanted to make some cards like Aunt Cindy so we headed down to have some fun. I was AMAZED how patiently they waited as we looked over the stamp sets, got out our inks, and started stamping. They knew exactly what they wanted to do, and I showed them how to make their cards. Cullen (11)  made the owl card and wanted WOOHOO on it. He used the Big Shot to cut the ovals and make the chevron embossed background. Carson (7) just meticulously stamped his images and colored them. He put each leaf exactly where he wanted it. He even learned the trick to hiding a smudge! I was so proud of them;)




Of course, the big brother wants you to know his stool was lower than his little brother so that’s why  he looks bigger in the picture! He is such a great big brother always watching out for his younger brother.


  1. So fun! So awesome! Such wonderful cards! They are just like the twinks coming to stamp in the Playhouse with Bama. There’s nothing better and what wonderful “Auntie” memories you are making for them!!

  2. Oh, Darnell, I thought of the twinks when I saw the pics I took. It was great playing with them, for sure. Making memories is what it is all about;)

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