Fall Table Decor Bonus Project from Craft Project Central

October 28, 2017

Fall Table Decor– October Craft Project Central Bonus Project!*  

Designed by  Monika Davis 

Isn’t this just lovely?

Are you ready for the fall season?

No matter where you live, with this project you can bring some fall (or Thanksgiving) feel into your home. This is the perfect project for the season designed with gorgeous colors to dress up your table with pretty paper leaves, a paper pumpkin, a slip-on silverware cozy/name holder, a greeting card, and even a decorated candle! 

*Bonus projects can be obtained by subscribing to any of the three, six or 12 month subscription packages, that include the month for which you would like the bonus. 

It’s not too late to play along with the Creating Pretty Cards Challenge #76!

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