A Balanced Diet is Chocolate in Each Hand…

I have been thinking about this CANDY challenge at Addicted to CAS # 6 for a while. A little $1 box of chocolates stamp has sat on my shelf for a long time. Not quite sure why I bought it- probably because it was only a buck. How many times have you done that? Somewhere along the line, I also got the Studio G sentiment but again, it sat unused. Until today when I fussed way too long trying to get them to work with each other. I liked the design of the card but the stamp is one of those darn things that stamps different every time you plop it down hence…I plopped it down many times until I got it to where I wanted to show it to you all out there! You know how it goes- you get three of the images stamped and then the fourth is messed up. In the end, my favorite part of the card is the scrumptious chocolate brown glimmer paper that layers under the unembellished clean and simple stamped image. The photo just doesn’t do the glimmer any justice…lol.



  1. Oh, yay, I’d say your chocolate layer looks pretty shimmery just like a chocolate bar glistens when it’s been left out a while. Of course, I only know that because I’ve seen it happen on a cooking show. It definitely never sits near me anywhere long enough to melt! BTW, sorry if a few of the chocolates in your beautiful card are splotchy. It’s from me licking my monitor.

    1. Thanks, Darnell. I remember getting boxes of chocolates as kids and sticking our fingers in to see what they were and then sticking them in upside down so no one knew….oh, wait, I still do that….

  2. Yummy, I love the chocolate color you used! That chocloate glimmer paper looks scrumptious!!! That quote is too funny and perfect for your card. Thanks for playing at ATCAS in our candy challenge this week!

  3. That’s my kind of sentiment !!! Am so glad it’s official and I have a balanced diet what a relief !

    Gorgeous choclately and shimmery card, what a pity Darnell got in there in gave it a lick you can’t take that woman anywhere Lol ! Thanks for joining us at ATCAS with this pretty card and good luck.


    1. Thanks, Marie. I would say if a statement is found on a stamp…it must be true, you know like everything on the internet is true…lol. I think Darnell may have some chocolate on her inky fingers!

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